Adjustable power 5, 1 – 20 kW

Automatic hot water boiler KTP 20 PELLET is a combination of the gasification boiler KTP 20 and pellet burner ROJEK P  for high quality white wooden pellets 6 mm diam.

New generation of heating boilers for solid fuel and wood chippers of own design


Adjustable power 5,1 – 20 kW
Boiler width 622 mm
Boiler height 1 280 mm
Boiler depth, incl. chimney and burner 1 017 mm
Boiler depth, incl. chimney 773 mm
Chimney height 1086 mm
Chimney diameter 160 mm
Height of water inlet 293,5 mm
Diameter of water inlet and outlet 2″
Volume of combustion chamber 43 L
Boiler weight 298 kg
Boiler class in accordance with Norm EN 303-5 5
Efficiency 88%
Energy efficiency class wooden pellets A +
Seasonal energy efficiency pellets 77%
Boiler emissions according to Commission Regulation (EU) No. 2015/1189 EKODESIGN
Hydraulic boiler loss 59 mbar
Water volume 98 L
Max. operation water overpressure 2 bar
Min. operation water overpressure 0,5 bar
Testing water overpressure 4 bar
Max. operation temperature 80 °C
Minimum inlet water temperature 55 — 63 °C
Specified chimney draught 5-10 Pa
Consumption of wooden pellets with nominal power 4,9 kg/h
Temperature of burnt gas for nominal output 223 °C
Flue gas temperature – min. power – pellets 123 °C
Hopper volume 300 L
Burner electrical input (normal operation) 100 W
Electric power consumption of the burner (ignition) 300 W
Voltage / frequency 230 V / 50 Hz

guarantee for the tightness of boiler body 3 years

In automatic operation the boilers comply with Class 5- EKODESIGN in accordance with the Norm ČSN EN 303 – 5.

The standard version of the KTP 20 PELLET boiler is without a tank, it is possible to order a 300l plastic tank or a 600L metal tank.

Thanks to the fuel tank, electronic regulation TECH ST 976 z PID and the burner with worm feeder the boiler is able to work even several days long in automatic operation. The electronic regulation can be connected with room regulator.

ROJEK P burner has automatic ignition.

Boilers ROJEK KTP PELLET are recommended to be operated with accumulation tanks.

Min. recommended volume of accumulation tanks with boiler ROJEK KTP 20 PELLET is 800 l.

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