Nominal power 49 kW

Hot water boiler KTP 49 for combustion of fire wood, short piece wood, fresh saw dust, wet chips and other wet biomass. Another possible alternative fuel is brown and hard coal. The fuels can be mixed. Boilers comply with Class 3 in accordance with the Norm ČSN EN 303 – 5 EKODESIGN.

Special construction of combustion chamber enabling double combustion, i.e. about 80% gasification and about 20% common burning out.

Boilers are a welded structure, inner plates 5 mm thick, outer walls 4 mm thick. All walls of the boiler body are doubled, filled with water, including the grate made of heat resistant pipes.

New generation of heating boilers for solid fuel and wood chippers of own design
KTP 49


Nominal output 49 kW
Min. output 29 kW
Boiler width 748mm
Boiler height 1285,5 mm
Boiler depth 803 mm
Grate depth 600 mm
Chimney height 1182,5 mm
Chimney diameter 219 mm
Height of water inlet 252 mm
Diameter of water inlet and outlet 2″
Max. diam./length of wood 230/ 580 mm
Volume of combustion chamber 123,1 l
Boiler weight 476 kg
Boiler class in accordance with Norm EN 303-5 4
Efficiency 84,9 %
Energy efficiency class C
Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) 78
Seasonal energy efficiency 78%
Boiler emissions according to Commission Regulation (EU) No. 2015/1189 EKODESIGN
Flow rate of burnt gas – nominal output 230 m³/h
Hydraulic boiler loss 0,4
Burning time for nominal output 4 h
Size of loading hatch, semicircle – width x height 395 x 295 mm
Water volume 166 l
Max. operation water overpressure 2 bar
Min. operation water overpressure 0,5 bar
Testing water overpressure 4 bar
Max. operation temperature 90°C
Specified chimney draught 15 až 17 Pa
Wood consumption for nominal output 15,7 kg/h
Temperature of burnt gas for nominal output 230°C
Consumption of brown coal for nominal capacity 9,5 kg/h
Min. Storage tank 2000 l

guarantee for the tightness of boiler body 3 years

  • guarantee for the tightness of boiler body 3 years
  • possibility to burn all kinds of solid fuels
  • possibility to burn wet wood, wet biomass and other solid fuels in manual operation
  • boilers are designed for low chimney draught 10 – 12 Pa
  • boilers include a cooling loop as a protection against overheating
  • the boiler output can be adjusted and its service capacity reduced by 40% without any additional devices
  • the return water can drop up to 40°C because it goes through the pipe grate near the fire place

This boiler KTP 49 with manual loading can be completed with a high quality Rojek pellet burner and changed to an automatic boiler.

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