Professiona thicknessing machine is designed for mass production. The construction of the machine is very solid so it can resist high loads in industrial operations. There are 4 knives in the cutterblock.

Combined professional woodworking machines of own design
MP 415


Motor power 4,4 kW (2,2 kW)
Motor speeds 2 860/min.(3 432/min.[60Hz])
Feeding motor power 0,35/0,45 kW
Diameter of cutterblock 95 mm
Diameter of feeding rollers 40 mm
Number of cutters 4
Speed of cutterblock 4 200/min.
Max. thicknessing width 400 mm
Max. thicknessing height 230 mm
Max. stock removal thicknessing 5 mm
Feeding speed 5/10 m/min.50Hz
Machine dimensions
Length 950 mm
Width 780 mm
Height 1 050 mm
Table size – Thicknesser 750 x 408 mm
Suction dust hood diameter 120 (100) mm
Dimensions with packing 975 x 810 x 1 060 mm
Gross weight 310 kg
Nett weight 290 kg
Other parameters
Voltage / frequency 3x400V (3x230V | 1x230V) / 50(60)Hz
Line safeguarding 16 A
Noise level (without technology) 81,5 dB(A)
Noise level (with technology) 91,4 dB(A)
Acustic achievement 89,5 dB(A)
Acustic achievement (with technology) 98,7 dB(A)
  • 12 months

There is a two-speed feed motor in basic equipment which enables to work at two speed 5,5 and 10 m/min.

The basic version of this machine has a more powerful motor with power 4.4 kW.

The MP415 thicknesser is very easy to operate.Thicknessing machines ROJEK use standart flat knives. The knives can be easily changed and set up. It´s possible to purchase them in almost every specialised tool shop.

This machine is part of EURO 9 series and it is suitable for small and medium-sized woodworking industry and carpentry workshops.

  • TERSA cutterblock
  • Spiral cutterblock
  • Rollers for thicknessing table
  • Adjustable rollers in thicknessing table
  • Single- phase motor power 2,2 kW 1×230 V

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