The design of this machine went through a lot of technical innovations which increased the useful featurettes of the machine. Quality processing ranks this saw among the best in its class. . It is equipped with a sliding table with very precise and solid mounting on steel round bars CV 360T in basic version. The saw unit mounting in a robust cast iron body with a scoring unit guarantees accuracy, solidity, and reliability.

Combined professional woodworking machines of own design


Motor power S6 40% 4,4 kW/3x400V (2,2 kW/1x230V)
Motor speeds 2 840/min.(3 410/min.[60Hz])
Max. saw blade diameter with scoring unit Ø 315 mm
Spindle diameter 30 mm (5/8″ | 1″)
Speed of main saw blade spindle 4 400/min.
Max. depth of cut with scoring unit 100 mm (70 mm [45°])
Saw blade tilting 0° ÷ 45°
Max. width of cut 800 mm (1 050; 1 500 mm)
Scoring unit
Motor power of scoring unit 0,75 kW
Saw blade diameter Ø 120 mm (100 mm)
Spindle diameter Ø 20 mm (3/4″)
Speed (drive with separate motor) 8 530/min.(10 230/min.[60Hz])
Machine dimensions
Length (with CV360T – 1 200 mm) 1 355 mm
Length (with CV360T – 2 000 mm) 2 155 mm
Width 1 995 mm
Table height 890 mm
Max. height of machine 1 180 mm
Table size 955 x 400 mm
Suction dust hood diameter 100 + 40 (60) mm
Gross weight 340 / 410 kg
Nett weight 330 / 400 kg
Alu sliding table CV360T
Table size 1 200 (2 000) x 360 mm
Length of cut 1 200 (2 000) mm
Other parameters
Voltage / frequency 3x400V (3x230V | 1x230V) / 50(60)Hz
Line safeguarding 16 A (25 A)
Noise level (without technology) 81,9 dB(A)
Noise level (with technology) 86,2 dB(A)
Acustic achievement 89,6 dB(A)
Acustic achievement (with technology) 93,6 dB(A)
  • 12 months

Aluminium sliding table 360x1200 mm on steel round bars

Complete heavy duty mechanic unit from PF 350

Cast-iron saw unit on segments

Separate scoring unit 0,75 kW (S6/40%)

Tilting fence with protractor ±45°

Anodized Alu sliding table and profiles

Rip fence with micrometric adjustment

Cast iron fixing of rip fence with profile G (strenghtened)

Saw blade safety guard

Table extension

Handwheel with angle indicator

Emergency stop

Eccentric woodpresser

CE  standards

Service spanners

Instruction handbook

Packing in PE foil

Aluminium sliding table 360×2000 mm on steel round bars

Cross-cutting frame complete with telescopic fence and 2 flip over stops

Table extension mounted on the machine – width of cut 1050 mm

Table extension mounted on the machine – width of cut 1500 mm

Wheels for moving the machine PV 315 U

Support of sliding table

Outrigger roller

Upper suction hood ROJEK with parallelogram for blade diam. 350mm

Digital indication of rip fence position

Push lever for sliding table

Eccentric woodpresser – additional

Ripping stop

Single-phase motor 3 HP, 230 V, 50 Hz (2,2 kW) – or other voltage – or 60Hz

Three-phase motor, 400 V, 50 Hz (5,3 kW) (S6)

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