A new design solution which provides high precision and machine performance at low production costs.

Long cast iron tables and a four-knife cutterblock guarantee the quality of material processing.

The machine is equipped with a suction dust hood, cast iron fence with a special tilting mechanism.

Classic professional woodworking machines of own design


Motor power S6 40% 5,3 kW (7,5 kW)
Motor speeds 2 860/min.(3 432/min.[60Hz])
Diameter of cutterblock 116 mm
Number of cutters 4
Speed of cutterblock 5 000/min.
Max. planing width 500 mm
Max. stock removal planing 8 mm
Fence tilting 0° ÷ 45°
Machine dimensions
Length 2 700 mm
Width 1 300 mm
Max. height of machine 1 070 mm
Table size 2 700 x 410 mm
Table height 890 mm
Suction dust hood diameter 150 mm
Gross weight 630 kg
Nett weight 620 kg
Other parameters
Voltage / frequency 3x400V (3x230V) / 50(60)Hz
Line safeguarding 16 A (25 A)
Noise level without technology LAeq 78,4 dB(A)
Noise level with technology LpAeq 86,9 dB(A)
Acustic achievement 86,8 dB(A)
Acustic achievement (with technology) 92,2 dB(A)
  • 12 months

The main advantage of the RFS410 and RFS510 planers is the robust cast iron table.

One of the important advantages and strengths of the RFS series machines is the solid cast iron fence, while other companies use the aluminum one.

The basic equipment also includes a hinged suctiom hood for the cutterblock which enables efficient and safe operation of the machine.

The machine is equipped with a classic 4-knife cutterblock. The knives can be easily changed and set up and it´s possible to purchase them in almost every specialised tool shop.

This machines is part of INDUSTRY series, it can be easily operated in two or three shifts and it is suitable for professional use.

  • TERSA cutterblock
  • Spiral cutterblock
  • Upper control panel
  • Three-phase motor power 7,5 kW S6 only with upper control panel
  • Protection fence for thin material
  • Knife-setting gauge

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