SH 1 MA 

A professional machine designed for single-part and small sized production.

Combined professional woodworking machines of own design


Woodturning copy lathe
Motor power 1,1 kW
Spindle speeds 500; 1 000; 1 950; 2 800 /min.
Max. copy diameter 420 mm
Max. copy diameter při kopírování 120 mm
Max. turning length 1 200 mm
Max. turning length při kopírování 1 100 mm
Spindle thread M33 x 3,5 mm
Tailstock cone MK 2
Machine dimensions
Length 1 900 mm
Width 480 mm
Height 1 150 mm
Gross weight 215 kg
Nett weight 205 kg
Other parameters
Voltage / frequency 3x400V (3x230V | 1x230V) / 50(60)Hz
Line safeguarding 16 A
Noise level without technology LAeq 85,0 dB(A)
Noise level with technology LpAeq 87,0 dB(A)
  • 12 months

Copy attachment and tailstock cone

Solid steel stand

Spindle with motor and four-level pulley

Drill chuck mandrel

Rotating tip

Conical carrier


Knife head

Support for manual woodturning

Universal head 125/4 with flange

Woodturning tools

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