TKA 25 

Adjustable power 7, 5 – 25 kW

Automatic hot water boiler ROJEK TKA 25 enables to burn brown coal grain size 4-25 mm or wooden pellets 6 – 10 mm diam. – both high quality white pellets and pellets of lower quality with bark mixture in automatic operation.

New generation of heating boilers for solid fuel and wood chippers of own design
TKA 25


Nominal output 25 kW
Min. output 7,5 kW
Boiler width 614 mm
Boiler height 1530 mm
Boiler depth 686 mm
Boiler depth, incl. chimney 910 mm
Chimney height 1424 mm
Chimney diameter 159 mm
Height of water inlet 632 mm
Diameter of water inlet and outlet 2″
Boiler weight 465 kg
Boiler class in accordance with Norm EN 303-5 4
Efficiency 86 %
Energy efficiency class of wood / coal A + / C
Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) of pellets / coal 113 / 79
Seasonal energy efficiency of pellets / coal 78 % / 79 %
Boiler emissions according to Commission Regulation (EU) No. 2015/1189 EKODESIGN
Hydraulic boiler loss 59 mbar
Size of loading hatch, semicircle – width x height 250/ 237 mm
Water volume 108 l
Max. operation water overpressure 2 bar
Min. operation water overpressure 0,5 bar
Testing water overpressure 4 bar
Max. operation temperature 90 °C
Specified chimney draught 8 – 12 Pa
Consumption of wooden pellets with nominal power 6 kg/h
Consumption of wooden pellets for minimum capacity 1,7 kg/h
Consumption of brown coal for nominal capacity 5,4 kg/h
Consumption of brown coal for minimum capacity 1,4 kg/h
Temperature of burnt gas for nominal output 180 °C
Hopper volume 300l
Hopper volume 300 l
Approx. weight of pellets in hopper 180 kg
Boiler width, incl. hopper 1370 mm
Hopper volume 500l
Hopper volume 500 l
Approx. weight of pellets in hopper 300 kg
Boiler width, incl. hopper 1 435 mm

guarantee for the tightness of boiler body 3 years

The automatic hot water boiler ROJEK TKA 25 can work both in automatic and also in manual operation. It is provided by a cooling loop (a protection against overheating), a folding grate made of segments and a tilting front grate, both of quality cast inon, and a thermostatic draught control with a chain in order to adjust the inlet of primary air – power control in manual operation.

ROJEK TKA 25 complies with Class 5 and  EKODESIGN in accordance with the Norm ČSN EN 303-5 for both the pellets and Class 4  brown coal (fraction 4 – 25 mm) in automacic operation.

The controller basically contains a built-in module for controlling a four-way or three-way mixing valve. Furthermore, the ST 480 zPID controller can cooperate with an equithermal sensor, with other four-way or three-way valves, with a room thermostat, with a GSM module, with an Ethernet module (via the Internet)

The burner is installed in the lower part of boiler body. The retort burner is designed for lower fuel loading and the combustion process itself can be compared with a blacksmith hearth. From the tank the fuel is feeded by spiral feeder to the retort knee. Here it is forced out up to a round grate.

Both the grate and the retort are made of high quality cast iron. The retort is placed in a converter to which the air is blown by a blower. Through the slots between the retort and the grate the air is then driven to the burning fuel layer.

Retort burner enables to burn also lower quality bio fuels – plant pellets and in combination with an adapter also corn. With an additional folding grate of cast iron segments in the boiler ROJEK TKA 25 you can burn piece wood, biomass and other solid fuels in manual operation.

Thanks to the fuel tank, electronic regulation and the burner with spiral feeder the boiler can work in automatic operation even for several days. The electronic regulation can be connected with a circular pump ( adjustment of temperature when the pump switches on ) and at the same time with room thermostat.

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